The Mercedes Sprinter Transfer And All Its Safety Features


As with any type of transportation, one needs to feel safe when travelling by minibus. Of all the great Mercedes minibuses on the market, perhaps the best of all in terms of that feeling of overall safety has to be the Sprinter Transfer by Mercedes.

Should the unthinkable happen, and the vehicle be involved in an accident, this minibus has a wide range of safety features designed to keep its occupants as safe as possible. For a start, it is equipped with an Electronic Stability Program - or ESP for short. This clever little program can tell you whether or not your load is distributed evenly by detecting the centre of gravity of the minibus at any given time. There are many ways in which this feature can help to keep you safe.

There are plenty of new and used Mercedes minibuses for sale; a prudent choice for one intending to invest in such a vehicle would be the Sprinter Transfer model. It is very clear that Mercedes have thought about safety at every possible stage of the driving experience when designing their minibus range. It would be easy to install safety features to protect the driver and passengers in case of collision. The range of safety features which these vehicles are equipped make the chances of collision less probable. The ESP system and anti-lock brakes that are fitted are indicative of this.

Another good example of this kind of preventative thinking comes with the bi-xenon headlamps that can be fitted. Enhancement of safety when driving at night can be achieved by the use of these lamps which offer a function to provide better light when taking a corner. Check before buying your Mercedes minibus whether these lamps are included in the price.

Inside this minibus you'll find more features designed with both comfort and safety in mind. Every passenger has the advantage of two point seat belts as standard. If it is required you can have these upgraded to three point belts for that extra added degree of comfort and safety.

The structural design of Mercedes minibuses includes the incorporation of "crumple zones" which are precisely the type of protection one would want if unlucky enough to be involved in a crash. This serves to protect passengers and driver alike. If you require a choice of airbag options for your minibus, this is possible when you buy a brand new model; for instance, you may wish to opt for a driver's thorax airbag. If you are looking at used Mercedes minibuses, make sure you check to see which additional safety features have been included in the models you are looking at.

Close inspection of the features included on the Mercedes Sprinter minibus reveals just how highly regarded the considerations of strength and safety were when designing this vehicle. It's no big surprise then to learn that it is just about the best quality minibus you can get in this size. There is plenty to appreciate about the model and with several different options with regard to the number of passengers it can accommodate, you will see why this is a good bet for an outstanding minibus.

If it's safety which is of primary concern, the best choice you could make is to buy a Mercedes minibus and the Sprinter Transfer is a model which is hard to beat.

Article Source: Stephanie_Andrew

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