Nissan Cars - Choose a Vehicle That Suits Your Needs


Are you considering buying a new or used car? If you answered yes to this question then why not also ask yourself why not a Nissan? This is because Nissan cars continue to offer real value for money to vehicle consumers in the South African market. Even better news is that Nissan is continuously improving the quality and reliability of their vehicles, to the point that they are now considered one of the safest vehicles in the world.

Passenger vehicles for families and speed freaks

Whether you are looking for a passenger vehicle, sports utility vehicle or a powerful commercial vehicle, you will find a Nissan car that is right for you. The new Nissan passenger cars include some of South Africa's most iconic vehicles and include the Nissan Tiida, Nissan Qashqai, Nissan Livina, Nissan 370Z and the powerful (not to mention legendary) Nissan GT-R.

Reliable is simply another word for Nissan...

Are you looking for a reliable sports utility vehicle for business or recreation? Well then, why not consider the all new Nissan Navara, Pathfinder, Murano, Patrol or even the multi award-winning Nissan X-trail. They are some of the toughest vehicles in the world and offer consumers a safe and secure drive and a comfortable yet powerful driving experience.

Commercial is king

If your business requires a new commercial vehicle you will need one that is both cost-effective and functional. This is why Nissan South Africa provides you with a number of possibilities. This includes the Nissan NP200 (a worthy replacement for the much-loved 1400 Bakkie that was popular in South Africa for decades), Nissan Patrol Pickup, Interstar and Interstar Taxi, NP300 Hardbody, Primastar and the Nissan Cabstar.

Nissan puts safety first

Every year Nissan spends millions of Dollars on the development of safety and security innovations for the motor vehicle industry. This has resulted in Nissan cars being viewed as some of the safest both on and off the road. All of these safety innovations are carried over into the new car and pre-owned Nissan Vehicle (safety features are dependent on year and model) market. This means that no matter if you are driving a brand new or a pre owned (used) Nissan vehicle you can rest assured that you will be driving a quality vehicle.

If you are keen to find out more about any of the above Nissan cars then simply contact a Nissan dealership near you.

The author is an experienced automobile engineer and has worked with manufacturers across the globe. The author occasionally writes Nissan Blog Posts on motoring topics that include reviews of the Nissan cars such as Micra, X-Trail, GT-R, Pathfinder and the Patrol.

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