Mercedes B-Class Revealed


Mercedes have released the official details of their upcoming 2012 B-Class model, ahead of its full unveiling at the Frankfurt motor show in September. For those of you unaware, the B-Class has of course been the companies foray into the small family car market for over six years now, enjoying a fair amount of success along the way. Since its facelift back in 2008, it has remained wholly untouched until now with the upcoming model being the first total redesign since its initial release back in 2005.

Despite the lack of official exterior shots, there is an indication as to what the styling will look like. Mercedes are supposedly taking inspiration from the A-Class concept first shown at the New York Auto Show, which would mean a very modern sporty look that compliments aggressiveness with luxury. Interior shots are available however and early signs are good, as the inside really speaks for what to expect from the rest of the car. Inside there is quite simply a plethora of luxury fabrics and high-tech gadgetry to satisfy anybody looking for the perfect combination of comfort and entertainment. The first things you'll notice are the huge air vents, which are very reminiscent of the SLK series; and the steering wheel, which is nabbed straight from their CLS model. The huge centre console screen has apparently been modelled on an iPad and as it's the norm, it helps you to navigate through the wealth of entertainment features using their new and upgraded Command system multi-function controller. Seating and upholstery is covered with stitched Artico man-made leather and the dashboard features a large, three-dimensional decorative element.

Moving onto the engines, we have two versions on offer - the internally named B180 and the B200. The B180 is the smaller of the two, serving up 122hp from its 1.6 litre engine. The B200 is slightly larger, offering a 1.8 litre engine that pumps out 156hp. Both are 4 cylinder engines and Mercedes say they can be mounted either transversely or longitudinally, suggesting rear-wheel drive versions are possible for the future. There is also a rumoured third version - a 2.0 litre diesel variant, which is expected to be revealed at its September launch. In terms of transmissions a 6-speed manual will come standard with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission optional for those wanting even more gear choices.

Being that we are now living in the green era, it would be silly to think Mercedes didn't have any environmentally friendly ideas planned for the B-Class. Needless to say they've got a few penned in for the near future, with some design areas giving hint to their plans. First is the use of the sandwich floor last seen on the current B-Class, which allows open space below the passenger compartment. Mercedes say this space will be used for their upcoming "alternative drive" mode, which is just a fancy way of saying electric. Second is the Eco technology package that they plan to release shortly after it goes on sale. The idea will be to improve the aerodynamics through the use of a different external body kit thereby reducing the drag level to a 0.24 coefficient, which is less than the Toyota Prius. Eco-mentalists rejoice.

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