Top 6 Car Maintenance Tips

Car is an investment. Consumers spend hefty amounts on buying a car because it will help them to move around with ease. Consumers must invest their time in maintaining the car. This will help them to avoid incurring heavy expenditure on repairing the car. Here are top six car maintenance tips that will help the consumers in a long run.

1. Adherence to servicing schedules: One should not delay in servicing the car. It is best that car owners stick to the regular car maintenance schedule as advised by the automobile manufacturer. Skipping on monthly/quarterly servicing schedules will only aggravate the issues with the car.

2. Change of fluids: Car fluids should be replaced at regular intervals. Car fluids include engine oil, transmission fluids, coolant, brake fluids and engine oil, etc. Do not go overboard with change of fluids. Consumers may use dip-stick to check the fluid levels and fluid color before deciding to go for a refill.

3. Battery assessment: It is essential to assess the car battery once in a month. Car owners should look out for warning signs like corrosion or dangling wires. Loose electrical connections should be attended on a priority basis. If there are signs of corrosion, then it is time to visit the local mechanic.

4. Tire rotation: Tires are the foundation of the car. They balance the car and facilitate movements. They are subject to maximum wear and tear. Car tires should be checked regularly for any warning signs. It is essential to check and maintain the tire air pressure. Tire rotation is also vital to maintain the alignment.

5. Wipers: Harsh weather conditions can impact the wiper blades. Excessive heat can cause the rubber on the blade to wear out. One must opt for wiper replacements at least once in a year. If the car is driven in harsh climatic conditions then, the wipers may require bi-annual replacement.

6. Clean the exteriors: It is essential that the car is squeaky clean for optimum performance. Dust and dirt react with oxygen in the air and affect the exteriors of the car. This reaction results in rust. Car must be washed on a regular basis in order to avoid rusting. One may opt for professional body wash or can clean the car using a pipe hose and mild detergent.

These basic maintenance tips will help in achieving optimum performance and long life of the car. Fluids help in the smooth functioning of the car hence they should not be ignored.

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  2. It would also be good to change your oil filters when changing engine oil. A lot of small debris stick to the old filters and contaminate the new oil you put when you oil-change. Changing filters would get rid of the debris that may mix with the new engine oil, so this practice would keep the integrity of the new engine oil.

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  3. Driving carefully would also extend your tires’ service lives. Avoid driving in high speeds and observe speed limits. It would also be easier to avoid potholes and objects on the road when you drive. This can help increase your safety and steer your car away from repairs.
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  4. You should check your car tires regularly, most especially when you’re going on a long road trip. Checking the air pressure is important as tires tend to lose air over time. You should really regularly inspect your car, and not just the tires, but every other part as well. This is vital for the safety of you and your passengers.

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