What Are The Best and Worst Aspects of Modified Cars?

When it comes to modifying cars, there's some pretty decent examples of how to do it right. Sadly though, there comes a time when it doesn't look so great, but not that this would put off any prospective car modifier. In homage then to the some of the best and worst modified cars, here is a list of some of the things we love and hate when it comes to suped up machines.

We see and sell on a variety of different cars, some modified monsters and some beauties - we'll always find a home for them, but we've so many we had to share our thoughts on what are the best and worst modified cars. So here it goes:

Best Aspects of Modified Cars

Fine Tuning
We love cars that have been fine tuned, with turbo engines, enhancing their engine size, capacity and ultimately speed. This is what modifying your car is all about and we doff our cap in appreciation for those that start off with their engine. Evo's that can beat the Ferrari's or Impreza's making mincemeat of Lamborghini's; fundamentally this is the whole point of modifying cars.

Vehicle Wrapping
This can make any modified car look the bee's knees. There's nothing better than seeing an awesome car with eye catching and sporty looking wrapping over it. Recently it's been used in various forms, such as company promotion, protecting paint work and to give an all round flashy look. You'll also see wrapping in motor sport as manufacturers will use it to advertise sponsors on their vehicles. It's a great way of trying out news colour schemes and designs without affecting the original paintwork of the car. So when it comes to selling your vehicle on, you can either keep it on, or have it removed to have you car restored to its original self.

Swapping Engines
As mentioned, modifying cars isn't just about the aesthetics. It's about getting your car fine tuned, so it performs to its best. That said, there are still really cool aesthetical modifications you can make, but it's important to concentrate on the engine first and foremost. The idea with swapping engines is fairly old, and even though it's considered sacrilege, you can enhance the power of your pride and joy tenfold.

Worst Aspects of Modified Cars

Originating from Japan, the name comes from the way the wheels of the car incline sideways. This makes the car look like it's been squashed, with the wheels of the car pointing outwards. Not only does this not look right, but it doesn't exactly help the performance of your vehicle. In the worst case scenario you'll see cambers that make the car look like they've folded up. Not a good look.

Big Wheels
There is a fascination when it comes to modifying cars, and that's to include big wheels. Whilst this may look good on large SUVs and even some Sedans, it looks terrible on smaller cars, especially if the arches are made bigger too. It makes the car look like it's on roller-skates, and you'll get no performance benefit out of it whatsoever; no extra speed, no more grip or better stopping. So if you're thinking of suping up your coupe, stop to think before you add 22s to it.

Interior Disasters
Okay, we've all see Pimp My Ride, and some of the things they can produce is impressive. However, it's a television show people, and the people working on the cars are professionals. There's nothing worse than seeing an old clapped out banger, which has been given the 'star' treatment, which contains luminous, bright and generally over the top colours, designs and accessories. Somewhere along the line, modifying cars went awry.

So there you have it, these were just some of the best and worst aspects of modifying cars. There are however many more. Whilst you may disagree, or agree, with our selection, that's the beauty of modifying cars, it's down to people's tastes and opinions.

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