Using cheap auto insurance to drive legally

The potential consequences of getting caught driving without insurance are really not worth the risk. You can temporarily lose your driving privilege if your driver's license is suspended or revoked which can impact other areas of your life. It is better to get cheap auto insurance and drive legally.

Know State Requirements

Each state has its own laws pertaining to auto insurance. You can easily learn about your state laws by visiting your state's official website. Along with the minimum requirements, penalties for violating the law are also outlined. States are strict about enforcing their auto insurance laws. One way they verify drivers are insured is to send out requests to drivers to prove they had insurance during a specific time period in the past. The state will contact your insurance company to confirm your information. If you did not have coverage, you will be penalized by having your driver's license suspended immediately.

Minimum Insurance Coverage

The minimum required coverage is typically liability, although this usually varies by state. There are two types of liability coverage: bodily injury and property damage. If you cause an accident, liability insurance will cover the medical expenses and car repairs of the other party. Your own expenses are not covered under liability insurance. And, in most cases, liability insurance will not pay for injuries to your passengers. You can be personally help responsible for costs beyond what the insurance covers.

Understand Rate Calculation

Insurance companies consider multiple factors when calculating rates. The most important risk factors include your driving record, credit score, age, and location. You may be eligible for certain discounts that can help lower your rates. New customers may get a reduction just for purchasing a policy.

Shop Around for Low Rates

It is often worth shopping around for cheap car insurance if you have made the decision to opt for the minimum coverage amount. Aggregator sites offer a one-stop shopping opportunity for drivers by providing free quotes from major insurance companies. You can quickly get cheap car insurance without the hassle of talking to insurance agents.

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