Reducing car insurance quotes with the right car

Of all the things people consider when comparing car insurance quotes, one factor always seems to escape their attention. Surprisingly, since this factor is really important when calculating insurance costs, and it's actually the first thing your insurer will ask about when getting quotes. Yes, we're talking about cars. Most drivers don't even consider their car as a flexible option for optimizing insurance costs. However, if you really want to get affordable car insurance quotes, you'll have to take a closer look at your car, since it may be not the best one to search for affordable insurance with.

First of all, let's understand why insurers are so picky when it comes to different makes and models, and don't offer the same quotes for all cars depending solely on the amount of coverage you buy. However, if you have owned more than one or two cars, you know the difference, and insurers know it too. Each car features a unique mix of different factors involved, which insurers are very sensitive about, such as car safety, road performance, security measures, theft rates, repair costs, and others. Even the same car make can have two slightly different models that will have completely different car insurance quotes because the safety or theft rates are higher with one of them.

So what should a driver look for in a car if he wants to get a ride that won't cost him a fortune to insure? As mentioned in the previous passage, you'll need to locate car models that have the optimal balance of all the factors that matter to insurers. First of all, it has to be really safe, so that the passengers and the driver won't get seriously injured during an accident. It has to be secure and with low theft rates, otherwise the insurers will charge you just for the risk that your car can be easily stolen. It has to be easily repaired without the need to purchase expensive spare parts, or your repair bills will require you to get more coverage in the first place.

Naturally, each car model has its strengths and weaknesses when analyzing these factors. So you'll have to shop around really good in order to find a suitable car. You can start with the medium segment, as it usually features the optimal models in terms of insurance. Yet, as said, it all strongly depends on the particular model, and the difference in car insurance quotes can be rather drastic even in the same segment.

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