Make Sure Your Jeep Computer Is Working


If you own a Jeep, then there is no doubt that you are geared for life in the Great Outdoors. Since 1946 the brand has been associated with adventure, freedom and capability. Jeeps today have come a long way from the first Willys Jeep and are completely computerized. The Jeep computer is similar to the other car computers and makes driving this iconic brand not just a thrilling experience but a comfortable one.

After World War II, when Willys-Overland Motors introduced a strange looking steel bodied station wagon, which was built to carry passengers, history was made. The Jeep, as it became known, was believed to be a General Purpose vehicle used by the Army. It went on to attain iconic status as a very popular sports utility vehicle (SUV). This vehicle was also the first one for the mass market. The steel chassis made it easy to produce on a large scale. The steel body made maintenance simpler and was safer than the contemporary wood bodied station wagons which were on the road.

As lifestyles changed the world over, the Jeep's popularity as a SUV soared. The Jeep 4x4 came to be a symbol of those who dared to do things they wanted to. Jeep designs kept evolving and with the advent of computers in cars, came luxuries such as the electronically fuel injected engines and other sensors which make driving easy. The Jeep computer controls many of the crucial functions, such as automatic transmission, GPS Navigation and anti lock brakes among others.

Automobile computers are also known as the Engine Control Units and have been in vehicles only since 2000. It is a vital part of the vehicle, nowadays. So much so, if this computer fails, it is equivalent to the car being totaled, according to the insurance firms. Vehicles with a poor electronic system are not fuel efficient but are a risk factor both for the passengers and the people on the road. So if your Jeep computer is not functioning properly you must get it fixed or get a replacement.

The computer inside the vehicle should at all times be working well. There are some crucial signals which will indicate whether or not the computer is in mint condition. The most common indicator is when the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) or the check engine light does not glow when the driver turns the ignition key. This could mean that the computer has packed up, making it nonfunctional or there could be another simpler explanation and that is, it could be due to a faulty wiring.

The second indicator whether the car computer is working or not is the anti-lock braking system which controls the rate of acceleration or deceleration. When you apply the brakes, you should feel a pressure. If there is no answering pressure, then the system is not working and your computer could be faulty.

If the car spits out fumes that are either black or blue, it means that the catalytic converter is not functioning. This device is what converts the emissions from the engine into green house gases. The computer also controls and optimizes the fuel injection in the combustion process. However, it takes a well trained mechanic hardly anytime to find out if the Jeep computer is working or not.

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